GoFundMe Campaign

In May 2015, we launched a crowd-funding campaign seeking donations for two education-based projects at the Light Christian Academy.

For most subjects, 3 to 5 students must share a textbook because there aren’t sufficient funds to purchase the government required texts for each student. With $8000, we could equip all the students with books for each of the 6 subjects taught.

In 2013, the Kenyan government imposed a Teacher Certification requirement for all schools. In order to be compliant, our uncertified teachers must attend the program offered during school breaks over a 2-year period. $4500 will pay for all the fees for these teachers.

How to Donate

To help with this cause, go to the DONATE page on the LCA site, www.therlightchristianacademy.com, where 100% of your contribution will be applied to the project.