HistoryWhen he first travelled to Africa in 2006, Bruce Turmenne’s intent was to verify the needs of the many small churches in Kenya and Uganda, too poor to afford land or a building for their congregations.

The plan was to find sponsors who would help fund the church buildings.  Bishop Abraham, Turmenne’s contact in Kinyoro Kenya, confirmed that many congregations were meeting in rented market space or school classrooms, under trees or tarps, or in their homes.

Bishop Abraham, however, felt that a more urgent concern was the nearly 300 orphan children in the Kinyoro market area living on the streets. They had no sponsors for uniforms or academic fees, so could not attend public school. Turmenne was introduced to a retired public school principal who was willing to start up and organize an orphan school. With an initial gift of $800 offered by Turmenne before leaving Kenya, within one month a rough mud-wall two-classroom building had been constructed, and about 50 children were enrolled.  The Light Christian Academy was born.

Over the past nine years the school has grown to nine staffed classrooms accommodating nearly 300 students from nursery level to 9th grade.  The students receive quality academic and spiritual training.

The Mission Possible, Int’l has also expanded its projects to a small school in Uganda and is supporting a number of pastors in their church ministries, as well as providing medical and nutritional aid to individuals identified by the pastors. There are plans to build a high school and orphan dormitories on the campus of the Light Christian Academy, and extend its reach of support to others in need.