Message from the Founder

The Mission Possible InternationalSometimes we are called upon to go beyond our day-to-day lives, to reach out to the less fortunate of God’s children, and to provide not only the most basic of needs but also the hope for a real future.

Among the children of Africa are many with great potential but without the means of fulfilling that potential. The vision of The Mission Possible, International is to provide a solid Christian education to poor and orphaned children, currently in Kenya and Uganda, but to other African nations as funds allow. Through the generous donations of compassionate supporters, we are seeing our vision come to life.

May God bless you for your interest, your prayers, and your gifts.

Bruce Turmenne,
Founder and Director
The Mission Possible, Int’l, a charitable non-profit 501 (C)3 Maine corporation,
43 Dennison St.,
Auburn, ME  04210