Nutrition & Medicine

Nutr&MedProjectsPic1Medicine for LCA Kids and Church Members

As monthly funds allow, TMPI helps provide medicines for both the children at the LCA, and members of church congregations.

Money is sent each month to cover the tests for HIV and for the anti-retro viral (ARV) medication for many of the children who have tested positive for the disease.


Restoring a Child’s Sight

Marion is a 12-year-old student at the LCA who suffered from a virulent form of conjunctivitis, resulting in constant pain and itching from growths inside her eyelids. Left untreated she would likely go blind. A compassionate TMPI supporter has funded her treatments as well as glasses.  She is now pain free. An avid student, Marion is grateful that she can see quite well and excels at her studies.

Nutr&MedPic4Food for Rena

A young girl had an infection in her shoulder that had reached the bone. TMPI funded irrigation surgery to clean out the infection.

Unfortunately, she then became an unwed mother.

A small monthly gift continues to supply food for her child, Rena.