Sengeli Church

Pastor John has a congregation of 112 members and operates an orphanage for 10 children.

ChurchProjectsPic4“I am currently working on raising a church building, a clinic and an Christian school at Sengeli. Also in the long range plan is an orphanage. We have started to collect building materials, to house the most vulnerable children in the community. This facility will be used during the day to offer the local mothers a place for their preschool children to stay whilst they go out to work. We have identified 108 orphaned children who attend our children’s service every Saturday; but we can teach and offer one meal a day to only 24 kids for we lack funds, as well as teaching materials and food in general.

We need great support to see this vision come to reality. It is our desire not only to take care of their spiritual needs, but their physical needs as well by giving them regular nutritious meals, and paying the school fees for those whose parents can’t afford to. We would also like to set up a training scheme to teach unemployed youths basic farming skills that the whole community can benefit from. We are in need of volunteers to support these projects ,if there are any willing to stand with us.

This is a very challenging plan, and due to lack of resources the progress is slow. But God willing, we will triumph and our present church and prayer groups will grow in both strength and numbers.

The vision of The Sengeli church is to see the country of Kenya penetrated by the light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to help bring this nation back to its Creator and rightful King (Psalm 24:1). To achieve this goal, we would plant churches wherever the Lord opens doors for us to do so, and disciple people in these churches so that God can use them to bring change to the communities they live in. “