The Frankland Junior Academy, Jinja Uganda

The Frankland Junior Christian Academy is a small school of approximately 65 students. It was founded by Pastor Timothy Wekesa and is maintained through the ongoing support of Jane and Gary Frankland. TMPI sends a monthly contribution to the Frankland Academy to assist with their operating expenses, specifically towards teacher salaries.

Pastor Timothy, wife Gladys and a few of the students at FJCA

Pastor Timothy

Pastor Timothy has faced tremendous challenges in finding classroom facilities for the 5 grades currently offered at the Frankland school. Their meeting house doubles as a classroom, one class meets in Pastor Timothy’s church and another in a neighboring church. The remaining students are taught in two rented rooms in a nearby carpentry workshop, a location far from ideal when the noisy power tools in the shop are being used.

1st grade class with teacher Gatun Martine, meeting in the carpentry workshop room



In all classes there is a lack of desks, benches, books, and basic teaching supplies.


Currently Pastor Timothy and Gladys are fostering three 3 orphaned girls. Their support is dependent on the proceeds from their small tailor shop. They are praying for compassionate people who can provide funds to sponsor them.